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Hi, I’m Jill and I set up Jigsaw Coaching CIC to help people to find out what matters to them and how to create the life they desire.

The Jigsaw approach uses empathy and creativity to support clients, particularly people going through a transition in their life, or looking for better health at work. I’m also interested in supporting people with a disability or long-term health condition to find meaningful work.

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I’ve really enjoyed working with Jill and I can’t underestimate how much she’s helped me.

During my time working with her, my confidence in public speaking has increased significantly. I’ve also found it much easier to recognise my existing skills and qualities and also be kind to myself, the latter playing a significant part in the improvement of my mental health.

I’m really grateful to Jill for her kind, genuine and supportive approach which enabled me to make the most out of the one-to-one sessions and group workshops which I took part in, all of which were extremely beneficial.

James, coaching client

During the time I worked with Jill, I found her to be very supportive and caring towards the clients she was working with. She was genuinely interested in getting to the bottom of things with people and then looking for ways to help them move forward and improve the quality of their lives.

She had made links with lots of local organisations and was able to work closely with these to support people even more.

(Journey 2 Employment project, supporting people with a health condition or disability to find employment, training or volunteering)

Disability Employment Adviser, Job Centre Plus

I’m running a small business and approached Jill to coach me through the business planning process. Coaching made the questions I’d previously found difficult to ask more straightforward, and decisions which had seemed convoluted became transparent.

Jill guided me along with a range of creative stimuli and I felt at all times that I was in the driving seat. I’d highly recommend Jill’s services to anyone looking to clarify their thought processes, whether for business or in their personal lives.

Nici, coaching client

Coaching with Jill has been really beneficial to me. I feel I had a supportive and safe space to talk through my ideas and also to explore themes that came up.

Jill’s approach was that of creativity, flexibility and intuition. Her ability to stay impartial, yet offer sound guidance and assist me in my own decision making, has had a positive effect on my self-development.

I am really grateful to Jill for her understanding, empathy and support. In 6 sessions, I feel her coaching assisted me to make a clearer decision on an area where I had previously felt stuck.

Nikki, coaching client

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